Blackjack is one of the most popular games played in brick and mortar casinos, as well as in online environments. Here are some very useful tips on how to become better at Blackjack.

A very smart idea would be to play more hands than one. Of course, this means that your bet will be slightly higher, but, according to statistics, multiple hands are a better choice as they show fewer variations in winning chances than when playing hand by hand. Plus, if you do well, you are also given a bonus.

Here is another useful tip: for soft hands, use double up, especially when the dealer has a breaking card. Hitting soft 18 can be quite easy to achieve, but, when you see a breaking card on the dealer s hand, do not hesitate and play double, as chances are you will be winning really big.

Of course, bolder players also double when they hit soft 19, and the dealer s breaking card is 6, but do not do this if you are not sure you are winning.

Another great strategy for playing Blackjack is by doubling the bet after you win first time. As the game progresses, you can add a little more to your bet. When you lose, bet the minimum allowed again, as this will limit your losses, if you are on a losing streak.

Play only with a part of your bankroll. If you do not want to lose everything in one hand, and since Blackjack is a game of luck, this strategy will keep you on the playing board for a while.

It is not wise to play Blackjack without thinking about winning. Actually, you should set your own winning goal, which will allow you to win more. For instance, most players prefer to set a winning goal of about one third of their bankroll. It may not seem like much, but it will give you a nice edge in the long run.

Even if this is, indeed, a game of luck, some fortunetelling is in order. For instance, you can count the cards and try to guess what card is going to be next. When the game is played with a single deck of cards, it can become quite a useful habit to try guessing what will show up next.

Keep in mind that some golden rules of Blackjack must never be disobeyed. For instance, you will always have to split your 8s and Aces, but never your 10s or 5s. If you hit 11, it is time to double the bet.

If the game allows it, you should try choosing the surrender option. This means that you will be able to give up on half your bet, if you sense that the dealer is winning, or if this is simply the case, as the dealer holds 21 in his hand. While some situations may be difficult to decide on, surrendering is a good option to limit your losses.

Depending on the casino you play in, the rules of Blackjack may differ, so you better make sure that you are well aware of them. For instance, some play with shuffling decks, which means that it will be impossible for you to guess the next card.

Also, you need to learn when you are allowed to double or split. Try playing Blackjack where payouts are more generous, especially if you are in this for the financial gains.

When you play insurance against a dealer s hand, you need to know when to do it and when not do it. For instance, if the dealer is dealt one Ace, do not hurry to play insurance. If you do not know for sure that a 10 will come from the deck, playing insurance is considered a sucker s bet .

You should keep in mind that Blackjack does not offer the same amount of bonuses as other casino games. Always check the rules for each casino, so you will know beforehand what kind of bonuses you will receive and on which games.