Playing a casino game is a lot of fun. Many people travel to a casino on a regular basis while others take the time to play while on vacation or traveling for work.

Other people do not live near a regular casino and choose, instead, to play online through their Internet connection. If you choose to play any type of online game, there are some things to consider and one of these is the use of the bonuses that many, if not most, of the casinos use to draw in their customers and entice them to return over and over again.

The online casinos use these bonuses, most often referred to as welcome to the site bonuses, to attract new customers and to keep the ones that they have.

It is perfectly acceptable, at least among online players to visit a lot of online casinos and to sign up to receive many different welcome bonuses taking advantage of all that they can. The thought among online players is that if the online casinos are offering the bonuses, they will take all that they offer.

To use any bonus wisely, it is important to understand how each specific site operates and what it expects from their players. All bonuses have terms and conditions that may differ from site to site and it is very important to know what the site expects from you, the player. Be smart and use your bonus in the best way possible.

Be knowledgeable about what you will receive, what amount in return for what deposit. If you are going to be playing a great deal, and want to deposit only small amounts of money each time, but the bonus for depositing a larger amount is much higher, it may pay you in the long run to make that larger deposit and get the larger bonus.

Choose your games wisely. Use your bonus on the games that you are the most comfortable playing or on the ones that you have pre-determined will pay off for you.

Do not be too quick to spend that bonus, let it stay in your account unless the online gaming site gives you a certain time limit, in which to use it. Be strategic also in your use.

For example, does your site give out the best and largest bonuses when you reload your account the first few days of the month? If so, it would pay for you to remember that and take advantage of the money.

If you are playing on several different sites, make sure that you know the times of the month or year that they offer the best opportunities to grab the best bonuses. Some will offer their frequent players different bonus levels so be aware that it may pay to stay with one or more sites for a longer time period.

Be aware of all of the ins and outs of using your bonus so that you can maximize your money and take advantage of everything your bonus can give to you and can add to your playing experience.