Flash American Poker

Flash American Poker is a great game to start with, especially if you are just learning the ropes about how to play poker. As in other games of poker, you are dealt five cards, and then you can place a bet in order to see their value.

Unlike other games, however, this one allows you to introduce the credit amount you want to play with right from the get go.

You can bet as high as you want, and this is a big plus, since you do not have to leave your chair for hours, unless you wish to. Also, you can play with higher bets, if you want to see the numbers rolling in your favor, once you hit a winning combination.

The rules of Flash American Poker are pretty straightforward. With the five cards in your hand, you need to score a combination that can bring more money into your pocket.

A Royal Flush can bring you 300 times the bet you place on your hand, but Five of a Kind is the ruler of them all, since it can multiply your initial bet by 600 times. Sounds good, right?

You should not neglect the small winnings, either. Two pairs, which is the smallest card combination that guarantees a win, still doubles how much you have thrown in the game for that game, which means that you can watch your credit line going up and up.

What really makes the game exciting is the red or black part of the game. Once you get a winning card combination, you are sent to a different screen, where other cards wait to be revealed.

Using the left and right arrows on your keyboard, try to guess as many cards as you can, in order to win more and more. The risks are high, but the winnings are also tremendous, since they can multiply until they reach the sky.