Press Deal

Press Deal is a straightforward game of poker, played in a Flash environment that allows better graphics and a better overall feeling of the game.

As the title says, you only need to press deal and you will be offered the opportunity to win a lot of virtual cash!

With 1,000 credits provided, you will be able to play to your hearts content. It is fairly easy, especially if you are a poker veteran, but you will also feel comfortable playing even if you are a newbie.

All the rules you need to know are shown right in front of your eyes, so you can tell how much you can bet, how much you can win and how to play the game.

As in other games of poker, there are five cards with their faces down laid on the table.

The moment you press deal, you will see their value. Depending on what is given to you, you can choose to hold some of them and drop the rest.

Your intuition and talent will be well placed here, since you can increase your wins tremendously, if your timing is right, and the hand you are dealt is at least decent.

After you hit a winning combination, the computer allows you to win even more. In that very moment, the well known game of red or black begins.

The simulation of this part of the poker game is well handled. There are two buttons on the screen, plus for red and minus for black. If you guess the color of the next card, your winnings are doubled.

Whenever you feel like you have won enough, you can press deal again to cancel the risk and play a new hand. This is very important, as you can lose your initial gain, as well, if you hurry to bet too fast and too much.

All in all, Press Deal is a great way to get in touch with the rules of poker and its thrill. Now, when you go to Vegas for the holidays, you will know more about how to play this game.